Evidence based data collection, quality and customer service have been the main themes throughout the history and culture of Intelligent Data from our inception in 2007. The company has built its reputation working on prestigious studies across the UK and have continued to be the supply chain partner of choice across all the markets we serve.

In recent years Intelligent Data have been involved in key major infrastructure projects of national and international importance to clients operating in the global market. Throughout our history, Intelligent Data have pioneered data collection techniques, capitalising on technologies to benefit our clients requirements and expedite the speed of access to data.

The company pioneered real-time ANPR integration and classification and the use of statistical metrics to provide an evidence base for robust data, establishing ourselves as a leader in the global marketplace for transport data collection.

From our first ever project at Oxford Circus to today, Intelligent Data is a global business with more than 300 staff. Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capability in data collection, quality and on-time delivery.

Intelligent Data continue to ensure we stay at the forefront of our sector by focussing on innovation to provide value to the partnerships we establish with our client organisations.