Our Values

Intelligent Data were founded under the principles of improving the quality and reliability of transport data provided to support the built environment, retail, rail, engineering and planning industries.

At Intelligent Data we expect our staff to share the values which define our products and services.

Our values are:

  • Integrity: we must strive to provide our clients with evidence based data collection services underpinned by integrity in the data we provide.
  • Passion: We must be passionate about the need for our client to source the highest quality data possible.
  • Our Team: We must work with our clients as part of their team to provide the highest level of service available in the industry.
  • Accuracy: Everything that we supply to clients must be of the highest accuracy.
  • Quality: We must embody quality and strive to retain quality in all aspects of our work. All of our commissions must be compliant with the relevant industry standards.
  • Intelligence: We must understand our client requirements to ensure our intelligent solutions add continuous value to their business.