Managing and creating highway capacity, reducing congestion and improving the user experience in the present day and future are critical to the economic and physical growth of the country.

Intelligent Data support our clients in the public and private sector by collecting robust evidence based data via the means of video, radar, automatic and manual traffic counts and using dual-lane fully Automated NumberPlate Recognition cameras.

Intelligent Data collect all types of traffic data including manual

classified counts, queue data, ANPR, ATC / radar, bluetooth, saturation flows, traffic model calibration and validation data and roadside interview surveys.

Our partnership based approach has seen Intelligent Data involved in some of the largest data collection projects, such as Lower Thames Crossing, M25 Widening, M1, A14, A19, A47 and M6.

Our innovative approach to data collection ensures that Intelligent Data stays at the forefront of transport data collection in the UK.